Do you need stories views on Instagram?

Instagram is a popular social network that has become an ideal platform for promoting thematic blogs, creating selling pages, and earning money from advertising. It is not surprising that many people seek to develop their account here, having received as many followers, likes and comments as possible under their posts. Until now, the question remains whether it makes sense to cheat on Instagram stories, because only the owner of the page sees these numbers. The fact is that the operation algorithms of this system are probably known only to developers, but it makes sense to assume that any activity of the account positively affects its place in the issuance of a social network. This means that increasing the number of views of stories will not be superfluous.

How to increase the number of views of stories

In order for your story to be watched by as many people as possible, you need to have a rather big audience. To increase the number of subscribers, you can turn to natural promotion, use the services of special exchanges, find programs with which you can cheat, or use such a simple way as mass follow. Instagram story wrapping can also be natural or ordered from a specialized company. For example, you can order a service for viewing stories on Instagram from the company StorieViews. To attract the attention of users without the use of third-party resources, you should adhere to the basic rules:

  • stories, whether it be a photo or a short video, should be of high quality, both in terms of the picture and the semantic load, when designing them, you must try no less than when creating a full post;
  • you must adhere to the subject of the account, as your followers chose this direction when they found your page, and count on the appropriate content;
  • add hashtags and geolocation – in stories these functions are also available and help users find blogs they are interested in.

In addition to the quality of stories, you must not forget about the design of the account as a whole. No matter what interesting stories you record, no one will want to view them if your page does not arouse the interest and trust of followers. If you do not want to spend your personal time and make special efforts, you can always find a reliable company and take advantage of such a service as cheating video views on Instagram. This will allow, having spent a small amount of money, to obtain the desired result, which will certainly satisfy you.


There are no specific performance limits for stories. But this does not mean that you can mindlessly buy views. We recommend that you do this carefully: in small numbers, intermittently and using the services of offers, not bots. Bots are quickly recognized by Instagram and blocked. And with them, under the ban can get an account and resorting to their services.

Services for cheating on Instagram views

So far, there are not many services for promoting stories. Sites are just beginning to gradually supplement the sections of their services. But you should know that if you need to achieve the maximum possible result in viewing stories, you definitely need to use a professional service that will help you solve this problem.

In attempts to win an audience and attract attention, we recommend not to get involved in buying views. After all, the goal should be real people who are interested in content at will. It is the presence of such viewers that shows the success of the profile, and not the numbers bought on automatic services. Although it’s worthwhile to understand that in many respects the number of influx of relational users to your account will ultimately depend on the purchase of views on your stories. So it’s worth using all the tools available to you that will help to level up your account on Instagram.