Myths and truth about online dating

Let’s look at some popular myths about dating sites. If you are looking for black people meet or anything else, then you should know about each of them.

  • Normal men (women) will not meet online. The Internet is a slice of life. It has everything you need. Just as in real life you can meet people who are suitable for you and not very suitable, or maybe even strange men and women, you can meet different, completely different people on the Internet. The success of your acquaintance does not depend on where you meet, in the real or virtual world. And it depends on you, your internal state and what is in your head. Of course, if you think that all men are fools, it doesn’t matter where you look for them – on the Internet or in a bar, at work or on the street, you will meet men who will behave accordingly. You will find confirmation of your thoughts everywhere.
  • On the Internet, you can run into a pervert. The Internet is a part of life. Like on the street, there are different people there: both good and not very, including perverts (but there are only a few of them). There are no more on the Internet than in other places. Of course, on the Internet you can disguise yourself as an avatar or someone else’s photo. There are cases when 60-year-old people were hiding under the photo of a pretty beauty. But this is an exception to the rule. They often underestimate their age and weight, post photos of 10 years ago, hide their family status and the presence of children, their profession. But far from everyone is engaged in this. Of course, if a person has not indicated his age, status or profession, this may lead to certain thoughts. So, he’s not so young, married and not everything is in order with the profession. Be vigilant, do not believe the words. Double-check everything. But online dating has nothing to do with it, because you can run into a pervert in any public place. So, do not get acquainted at all? Maybe you should come to someone for a consultation and work out this fear of yours, and at the same time many other fears and distrust of the world and people, than to reject the opportunities that online dating gives?
  • On the Internet, you can run into a cheater or a scammer. Yes, you can. Indeed, on the Internet a person can call himself anyone, put any photo, name any weight and age, social status and status. Therefore, we do not recommend spending a lot of time communicating on the Internet. They sent each other 2-3 letters and give us a mobile phone, make an appointment. You’ll see everything there. And you can run into a deceiver or a scammer anywhere. Therefore, there is an important rule: do not call a stranger immediately at home and do not go to visit yourself. Meet in neutral territory.
  • You are disappointed in online dating. If you have used online dating on Meetville before, but have not achieved success, this does not mean that there is no chance. You used to be different. You had internal reasons preventing you from attracting love. Having worked them out at trainings and consultations, you have changed and opened up to a new feeling. You can safely meet again, using all the opportunities that life gives you, including online dating. But you do not need to focus only on online dating, give yourself the freedom to choose, because you can meet your man (woman) anywhere. Very often, those people who are immersed in online dating, meet their beloved with friends, on a trip, at work, in a sports club. But it is very important to declare to Life that you are ready for this meeting. It seems that online dating is one of the ways to declare your Life, your Fate about your intention to meet love.