Options for placing contextual advertising from Google Adsense on the site

Experienced Google webmasters will attest to the importance of Google Adsense’s PPC placement. Each option for placing advertising banners gives a different result, and if your online project was created with the aim of generating income from clicks on contextual ads, then you must understand the principles of the correct placement of advertising from Google Adsense.

Google employees have been analyzing the performance of this or that ad space for many years, and the results are methodically published in a webmaster’s guide. As a result, everyone has access to articles on the theory of placing contextual advertising from Google Adsense on the site.

By the way, the advice of Google employees can really help to increase the number of clicks by 30-40%, which is what some site owners use. Why only a few? Because the majority of Internet users, creating their website, for some reason are sure that they themselves will be able to figure out where it is best to place ads, which leads to low conversion.

According to available statistics, on foreign sites, about 1 out of 10-15 visitors clicks on an advertising banner, but if we talk about the Russian-speaking Internet, then the situation is more deplorable – 1 click for 25-30 visitors. This is the standard. Despite this, there are ways to increase the ratio of clicks to the number of visitors to 1 in 3-5. We will talk about this in the article.

What banners does Google Adsense offer

First, let’s figure out what banners Google offers us today, and whether it’s worth focusing on all of them. So what Google offers:

  • The most common advertising banner is a large rectangle 320×280 pix, but there is also a smaller version – 300×250 pix. If you install these banners at the top of the text, then the ratio of clicks to the number of users will be approximately 1 to 15. If you put these banners on the side of the site, the results will be worse – 1 to 25.
  • “Skyscrapers” is a ribbon-style ad unit with many different ads that is installed to the side of the main content. There are two options: a wide version of the “skyscraper” 160 × 600 pix, and a smaller version – 120×600 pix. Skyscrapers bring an average of 1 click for 11-15 visits.
  • So called the board of honor, installed after the header of the site or at the end of the article. Such an ad unit has a size of 728 × 90 pix and a click-through rate of 1 click for 25-35 visits.
  • And multi-link advertising units with click-through rates – 1 click for 40-45 visits.

In addition to the above ad unit options, ads in the form of a square are also available. They fall into the first category above. Next, we will consider several options for placing various blocks and their effectiveness in terms of click-through rates.