Progressive jackpot

The first online platform for online casinos was launched back in 1994. Its author is the company Microgaming, located in the UK. Based on this platform, it was already possible to launch full-fledged projects for virtual gambling establishments, and 3 years later the number of such sites increased to 15. Now there are thousands of them.

It is worth saying about the presence of another serious advantage, which is remembered about so much and so often that it is surprising. We are talking about progressive jackpot blackjack. In general, such a jackpot is not even a variation of any rules, it is just an opportunity to get really serious money. Experienced blackjack players win for a long time period, then, surprisingly, they never receive large single payments, or it happens very rarely. But the progressive jackpot in the virtual game gives it more excitement – any spin can bring you a very substantial gain. You can try your luck at this site

How it works?

Consider this issue in terms of offers from different companies. In progressive blackjack, which is offered by Vegas Technology, the player will receive a jackpot after he gets 4 aces of the same suit. If there are 4 aces of different suits, then the payout will be 10% of the jackpot. An important point – to tickle your nerves, to test Fortuna and generally try to win, you need to make an additional one-dollar bet.

Playtech offer

Software from Playtech is not so interesting – here you can win a jackpot for 4 aces of different suits, but it is not divided into parts, and for 4 aces of different pastes you will not get a part of the jackpot. There is a fixed payout for three aces of the same suit or four aces of different. By the way, for one ace that falls, a player gets $ 5. To participate in the fight, you need to make a one-dollar bet.


What is a progressive jackpot from different manufacturers of gaming software? Cryptologic does not require suited aces – you can collect 4 aces of the same color and hit the jackpot. But there are no other jackpots here, there are only established payments for individual combinations of the same or different suits. You need to bet the classic one dollar extra bet and take part in the jackpot.

Originals from Microgaming

Progressive blackjack from this company has a serious difference over the others listed. The name of the game is Triple Sevens, money will be paid in case you get 3 diamonds of seven. For different combinations of sevens there are additional payments.

The important point is to win the jackpot is extremely difficult, it happens very rarely. But the regular bets that you make will hit your pocket very seriously, it is simply disadvantageous for small players. But if you have big bets and a big bankroll, then you can make bets, everything is purely at the discretion of the player. The whole question is how favorable Fortune is to you – it will depend on how many one-dollar bets you make.

Which sites can be considered honest?

Experts in the field of gambling recommend to be guided by the following criteria:

  • the ability to switch the site interface into several languages;
  • site technical support responsiveness;
  • the number of payment systems with which the casino administration collaborates;
  • free and clear withdrawal of earned funds; short time for processing applications and receiving money;
  • the ability to choose a currency to receive cash;
  • quality and assortment of virtual games.

Why some online casinos are the leaders of the virtual gambling industry? Firstly, you can get earned funds for a maximum of 3 days from the date of application. Secondly, moving around sites is convenient, the interface is available in all international languages, they have very rich functionality.