Promote a website

The question of how to promote a website on Yandex for free takes tens of thousands of webmasters in Russia and in the world. At the same time, everyone is looking for step-by-step instructions that allow them to quickly and with a guarantee achieve their goals – to increase the traffic of the resource, raise the TCI and PR, and eventually get into the Yandex catalog.

All this opens up new opportunities for earning and further development of the Internet site. After all, such online resources are a desirable object for advertisers who are ready to pay a lot of money for placing advertisements on them. Whatever one may say, but the Internet, today, has formed into a huge advertising market and has the status of the largest employer on a global scale. Although this title is unofficial.
Website promotion from scratch is not an easy task. For its successful implementation, it is necessary to apply an integrated approach and successfully combine all the methods available today in the arsenal of webmasters.

Before considering the main topic, let’s highlight the main sources from where users will come to you:

  • From search engines (from Yandex and Google).
  • From other resources (primarily on similar topics).
  • From browser bookmarks (from saved locations on your PC).

Below we will consider tips on how to promote a Yandex site for free, and what are the features of each of the options. We will also touch upon one of the key points for a search engine – user behavioral factors.

How to promote a website in Yandex for free?

When it comes to SEO optimization, it is important to be guided by the principle of using different options together, but without fanaticism.

Work in the following directions:

Choose words and phrases (key queries) for which you would like to promote the resource in the search engine. Try not to oversaturate the text with queries – there should be one or two for every thousand characters of content. According to the modern standard, their uniform distribution throughout the text and their organic interweaving into the body of the article is of particular importance. This is quite enough to ensure free website promotion in Yandex, especially at the early stage of promotion.