A comprehensive SEO audit of a website in Moscow is the key to success in website promotion in search engines. It allows you to evaluate the site by a number of important indicators: the quality of the technical performance of the site filling its content, the site’s position in leading search engines such as Google and Yandex, as well as prepare tips for taking measures that will increase site traffic by going to it directly from search engines.

The site is checked according to the following criteria:

  • technical performance (how fast the site loads, how semantically correct the html code is);
  • the structure of the resource, as well as how complete the answer it gives the user to his request;
  • quality of site content, content, its design, uniqueness;
  • links;
  • quality of pages, snippets;
  • convenience of the site for the user;
  • analysis from a marketing point of view, that is, an assessment of the extent to which the website contains selling content;
  • analysis of the SMO-component of the site.

The duration of the SEO audit will be about seven days. Upon its completion, in conjunction with analytics (what is wrongly arranged on the site, and what is true, what prevents the site visitor from making his first purchase, what factors affect the position of the site in the list of search engines), you will receive valuable advice from SEO specialists on promoting the site in search engines that will help you quickly achieve the desired result.