SMM website promotion

The abbreviation SMM stands for “Social Media Marketing”, which means “Promotion in social networks” in Russian. This is a way to attract the attention of visitors to any Internet resource through social networks.

Promotion stages

Many people mistakenly believe that promotion on social networks is spam with links in thematic communities, but this is not entirely true. Yes, link placement is one of the SMM tools, but far from the only one, and certainly not the most important one.

The entire promotion cycle is divided into several stages:

  • Determination of the target audience and selection of the appropriate site.
  • Creation of a platform for feedback. Whether it will be someone’s personal page, public or community depends on the ultimate goal.
  • Filling content. The most effective type of content is viral. It should be interesting for the target audience and easy to understand. The huge advantage of viral content is that people tend to distribute it themselves: like, repost on their page, or share links with friends.
  • Planning and launching an advertising campaign. This stage requires significant financial investments. The larger they are, the faster the result will be seen.
  • Monetization of the project. At this stage, the SMM specialist needs to make consumers out of subscribers.

That is, to ensure that they come to the customer’s website and purchase the product. It is at this stage that the competence of an SMM manager is fully tested.

SMM specialist tools

For the promotion to be effective, you need to understand the SMM tools and be able to apply each of them where necessary. There are 2 types of instruments: black and white. If mishandled, both of them can seriously harm the brand. It is quite difficult to use black tools, since the consequences of their use are more unpredictable. With White, everything is a little simpler, although they are not devoid of subtleties.