Tips for betters who want to win on football

The statistics remain ruthless towards the customers of the bookmakers – 97% of users suffer losses when making bets on football. Only 3% of players can be considered successful. Does this mean that it is impossible to constantly stay in the plus at the bookmaker’s office? Not really, because 3% of successful betters come from somewhere. Given that the ability to make bets on football is unlikely to be innate, everyone can bring up a professional player.

The benefits of statistics

First of all, you should be interested in statistics and any information about the future game, which can be found in open sources. It seems that a standalone match analysis is an impossible task. In fact, having before your eyes the statistical calculations on the performances of teams or athletes, knowing the form in which they fit the game and what tasks they are trying to solve in a tournament, one can make far-reaching conclusions. You may not be able to calculate outcome probabilities yourself, but this is not required. Just rate the odds that the bookmaker has set. It is possible that they are erroneous, and you can effectively conclude bets on football against the office.

Learning football betting rules

Never be in a hurry with a bet unless you clearly understand what rules it follows. Bookmakers, trying to attract players, constantly come up with new bets on football. Their winnings and terms may not be as profitable as promised.

Simple football bets

Avoid hard betting. Express football betting is not the best choice for a beginner. Start with the ordinaries. Remember, professionals do not risk too much by choosing the simplest wagers.

Management of risks

Manage risk. Do not put all your money on one outcome. The rate for the event should not exceed 5% of the size of your account (better, less). So you will avoid losing the deposit for a short time. Choose events that you are well versed in. Avoid sports that are unfamiliar to you, and especially do not direct significant money to such football bets.

Sports betting at the end of the match

Quite often, the player decides to bet on the total in the last minutes, despite the extremely low payout ratio. A classic example is a 1: 0 score with a sluggish nature of the game at 80-85 minutes. The coefficient for the total less than 1.5 is usually within 1.15-1.2. This is very small, but if you bet $ 100, you have the opportunity to win $ 15-20 with minimal risk. However, as the statistics show, in the interval between 85-88 minutes one more ball is often scored. Accordingly, with coefficients 1.15-1.2, a player on a long distance inevitably gets a loss. We conclude that low odds in the end of the match do not yet guarantee a positive result for the player.

Bets on your favorite team

Many live sports bets are made for matches played by your favorite team. There is nothing surprising in it, because this game is much more interesting to watch. But not all betters adequately assess the chances of their favorite club, hoping that this time it will definitely win. Taking into account not the most profitable odds for live bets, such an approach undoubtedly harms the player.

Time limit

A feature of live betting is the limited time that a player has to make a decision. Given that the situation on the field can change at any time, and with it the coefficients change, many decisions have to be made very quickly. This is not the best effect on the accuracy of forecasts. We advise you to get acquainted with all possible analytics and statistical data before the start of the game.

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