What does the semantic core mean?

СЯ (semantic core) – words, their forms and phrases that are most suitable for services and goods. It is this set that will promote you in ad networks.

The semantic core is also a reflection of the structure of the site. Depending on the collected phrases, it will become clear which pages are needed and which ones can be discarded. Therefore, the core is assembled before the site is created. And then they create a catalog and distribute keywords across the pages. So you can understand which services and products are more in demand, and which visitors will want to know about last.

  • increasing the level of loyalty of the target audience;
  • effective feedback will appear (clients themselves will begin to tell what they don’t like and what they like);
  • operational work with negative;


Make up a draft of phrases. This includes basic words that reflect the product being sold. It is more efficient to collect a team of colleagues.

The list must contain:

  • individual words from the general group (from materials for repair – putty, brick, sealant, and so on);
  • reduction;
  • brands;
  • English and Russian names;
  • separate models;
  • slang;
  • articles.

Analyze competitors. Select sites on the first search page (turn on incognito mode for objective collection). Collect all the keywords from their texts manually or through services, of which there are a lot now. See how they use them in their ads, how they focus on them.

You will receive a whole list of phrases that will be included in the semantic core.